About Us


  • Golden Ocean Marine Services co. established by the beginning of the 21st century. We started our business as an importer of technical marine stores and played the role as local vendor for all the Egyptian marine suppliers.

  • Within few years, Golden Ocean was the owner of the biggest warehouses for marine goods. Golden Ocean became the source and main destination for all chandlers who are looking for reliable vendor who can understand vessel’s needs.

  • By reaching 2012, We started our business as a marine supplier and over the years our company has gained recognition for being a reliable ship chandler providing top quality services to the leading shipping companies, owners and managers

  • Due to growth of the Egyptian ports, which became one of the important ports in the world, giving rise to the need for meeting the demand of an increasing number of ships, We started our business as a shipping agency presenting services and facilities to the vessel transiting the Suez Canal or calling any of the Egyptian ports.


Integral services to the ships arriving at Egyptian ports, guaranteeing satisfaction, security and low prices .


Our main aim is not only to achieve a secure and reliable service channel to the ships calling the Egyptian ports, but also to serve our customers around the shipping routes through a worldwide network of partners.


Golden Ocean Marine Services co. is a member of



1- ISSA Quality certificate

2- ISO 9001:2008

3- OHSAS 18001:2007

4- ISO 14001:2015

5- ISO 22000:2005
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